Kindergarten & Nursery

Bright Kids Kindergarten and Nursery Program applies Integrated Curriculum that makes learning...

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Tuition & Day Care

Bright Kids Tuition & Day Care Centre provides tuition, day care and homework supervision...

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Educational programs today teach to the left brain. Success is measured by left brain competency.

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Super ESP International

In the 21st century Right brain education is an essential teaching tool that will unlock the creative genius of your child...

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New Branch Opening in Sri Petaling!
OPEN DAY (27/Dec/2014)

Watch out for our Car Cruiser Team on:
Friday (26/DEC/14  10:00am) at SJK(C) DESA JAYA, KEPONG HQ; Saturday (27/DEC/14  9:00am) at SJK(C) LAI MENG, SRI PETALING; Friday (2/JAN/15  7:30am) at SJK(C) SUNGAI CHUA, BANGI; Saturday (3/JAN/15  7:00am) at SJK(C) KEPONG 3, SRI BINTANG; Saturday (3/JAN/15  9:00am) at SJK(C) LA SALLE, SRI PETALING;  Quiz, games, and lots of freebies will be given out to the kids! See you there!!

Visit us at JB Sutera Mall
Exhibition Booth No: N5 Date: 31/Oct to 2/Nov/2014

New Branch Opening in Kota Bharu!
Open Day (8/Nov/2014)

New Branch Opening in Labuan!
Open Day (16/Nov/2014)

New Branch Opening in Setia Alam!
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New Branch Opening in Tasik Prima!
Open Day (Sunday 30/Nov/2014 10 am to 2pm)

Bright Kids National Coloring Contest 2014
Date: 5-7/Dec/2014 Venue: KidzExpo in MidValley Exhibition Center Booth No: 32, 33 & 34

Enrollment for Bright Kids Kindergarten is now open for year 2015
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Welcome to Bright Kids

Bright Kids is a Registered Franchisor in education where our programs serve children from 3 to 12 years old.